3DMS GPS timer

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GPS and Magnetic** stripe timekeeping device
For bike, kart and cars and more!

3DMS kit includes:

  • an electronic box, connected to the battery of the motorcycle, car or Kart
  • the carbon look Data display
  • External GPS antenna that maximizes GPS reception quality and makes it easier to place on your vehicle,
  • the installation guide.

More than 250 race tracks already in the database!

(**)Magnetic stripe timekeeping only available with optional magnetic sensor



Screen size 80 * 40 * 20mm

GPS unit size 42 * 38 * 13mm
Power supply: 12Vdc (vehicle battery)
Nominal power consumption on: 30mA
Rated consumption off: 220μA
Housing protection index: IP54
Wireless interface: Bluetooth 4.1 Smart Ready
Storage memory:> = 1GB
Number of records saved: 50
Maximum number of records on the PC: no limit set by the supplied software
Timer accuracy: 1 / 100th
Acceleration measurement range: -4g / + 4g
Angle measurement range: -90 ° / + 90 °
GPS antenna: external
GPS frequency: 10Hz
GPS max speed: up to 999km / h
Compatibility: Bluetooth 2.1 device minimum, Windows 7, 8 or 10 and Android> = 3.0.0

2 years Warranty

Made in France

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 15 cm