Chronelec RF-I Transponder

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The ultimate transponder unit

Triggered by the activator in the track, each RF transponder
sends out a unique signal to the wireless Chronelec RF decoder with the loop ID.
Available on different frequencies, this transponder will work all over the world.

The transponder can be activated by the loop up to 3m (10 feets) and 160km/h (100 mph)

Art. Nr. CTRF-I

4 years autonomy
2 years warranty
Transponder mount included


• no need for support
• integrated ceramic antenna
• autonomy: minimum 4 years
• dimensions: width: 34mm, length with fasteners: 50mm, thickness: 9mm
• weight: 16 gr.
• 100% compatible with the previous version
• Frequencies programmable by the PC via the loop depending on the country.
• Supplied with flexible fork protection seal and seal for positioning on a strap