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Additional EternyLink Node (Headset not included).
The EternyLink Node connects itself to the EternyLink Station. When an EternyLink peripheral supporting this feature is supplied power for the first time, it sends out proprietary Eternytime-defined data in an undirected connectable advertisement. That advertisement is then picked up by the host EternyLink Station. Simply snap your device securely into the durable plastic mount and clamp it to your belt. Connect your headset (GA Jack connectors) and enjoy the full-duplex communication up to 80m.

The perfect system for Timekeeper who works in noisy environnement or ski timekeeper who wants to be able to communicante with Marshalls close to the track.

The power supply of the EternyLink Node works with a rechargeable 8.4V (9V) Lithium-Ion battery.

8/12 hours charging for 24 hours autonomy.

Only 150 grams (battery included)

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 18 × 11 × 5 cm

5.23mm Mic and 6.5mm Jack Audio (General Aviation connector)


Rechargeable Ni-Mh 9V battery (6LR61)


Long range Bluetooth



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