EternyLink Station + Node

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The EternyLink Station are connected in series on the timing line, without adversely affecting the impulse transmission quality.
Up to 3 Headsets with EternyLink Node can be paired to a single station up to 80m.

The perfect system for Timekeeper who works in noisy environnement or ski timekeeper who wants to be able to communicante with Marshalls close to the track.

Additional EternyLink Stations and headsets can be installed in series along the timing line (i.e. intermediate times).
The power supply of the EternyLink Node works with a rechargeable 9V Ni-Mh battery (6LR61), and switches on automatically when the headset is connected to the node.
The station is powered by a strong Li-Po battery an provides up to 7 days autonomy in the most extreme temperature conditions. In a world where the need for quick and efficient communication is increasing daily, choosing the right communications equipment is more important than ever.

Headsets sold separately

Additional information

Size of the Station

195mm x 130mm x 60mm (without antenna)

Size of the Node

110mm x 79mm x 24mm

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