Eternytime Headset ET-002-8 ANR*

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Eternytime ANR ET-002-8 ANR headset. An innovative aviation communication headset designed for the excellent challenges pilots of all types of aircraft encounter , timekeeper and marshals. We have the unique acoustic attenuation technologies, which unmatched combination of benefits is available in our well-designed


Outstanding Features:

Great Active Noise Reduction

You’ll hear and feel the difference immediately.
When the ANR is ON, low frequency noise cancellation improves by an additional 18-24 dB.

*Uses two AA batteries. Battery will last up to 48 hours depending on environment.
More 18 hours than others
Supports mono and stereo intercoms.
Low battery is indicated by a flashing red LED light.
Headset will operate as normal PNR headset with low or no battery power.

*Noise-canceling electret Microphone–crystal clear communication
*Super Soft Double Foam Head Pad, Always comfortable during long time flying.

Look at all these features and decide for yourself.

* Passive noise reduction of 22 dB
* Active noise reduction up to 24 dB
* High Fidelity speakers
* Auxiliary audio jack
* Flexible microphone boom
* Electret noise cancelling microphone
* Super Comfortable headpad
* Super Comfortable Leather Ear Seals
* Volume control
* Headset Bag included

ANR* = Active noise reduction

📃Download the user manual     

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 18 × 10 × 28 cm

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