Hanhart Dashboard plate for 1 clock

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• Rallye stopwatch mount for mechanical stopwatches
• Metal plate for one mechanical stopwatch (not included)
• Polished stainless steel
• Fits all hanhart metal case mechanical stopwatches
• Stopwatches are affixed using new slide in technology
• Ballsprings and pillars protected with rubber keep stopwatch secure
• Rubber on back of plate protects watch from vibrations
• All necessary parts and screws for installation are included in the sets
• Slide in technology clever mechanism guarantees easy handling for installation and removal of the watches
• The watches are fixed using small pillars protected with rubber and using the new slide in technology
• The watches can be put easily into the ball springs
• Protection rubber a special rubber is fixed to the back to the metal plate. This has the added advantage of protecting The watches against vibration