Protime Elite Decoder

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TAG Heuer by Chronelec Protime Elite Decoder

with original transport case
Decoder in good condition

  • Color display
  • GPS synchronization
  • Resolution : 0.001 sec.
  • SD Card removable memory
  • Emergency power supply integrated

The Protime Elite decoder is especially used in races that require an accurate timing to the 1/1000th of a second.
The decoder stores all competitors passings on SD card, allowing a restore in case of
The graphic OLED display shows useful information such as the noise level, the loop detection
level, the last transponder ID. It also displays the race time or day time, which can be
synchronized by GPS or by the computer.
The decoder has a TCP/IP and RS232 interface for the communication with the computer.

2 loops input (track loop and pitlane loop)
1 manual input (to simulate a transponder passing)
1 audio output (beep for each transponder passing)
1 AUX Input/Output (intermediate loops, photocells etc.)
1 RS232 output
1 Ethernet output (UDP)